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2011, iss. 32, pp. 35-48
Facing the climate changes: From European strategies to local reality
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture,
Spatial, environmental, energy and social aspects of developing settlements and climate change – mutual impacts (MESTD - 36035)

The energy intensive way of life has created numerous problems that constantly threaten the endurance of ecosystems and cause global uneasiness. The situation is additionally complicated by huge climate, technological and socio-cultural differences between cities and regions, that are therefore not able to accept the same framework for environmental protection and implement synchronized actions. Having in mind the fact that globally proclaimed ecological imperatives effect the change of our perception of the living environment and its limitations, this article offers an insight into the current state of the environment in the EU and in Serbia, and emphasizes differences between our and EU practice. The analysis presents important international and national documents, regional and local strategies, laws and standards, as well as a review of individual initiatives, visions and solutions that could be used as guidelines and examples for our practice. Although some of these suggestions have resulted in a different socio-economic context, it is evident that it is possible to transpose or modify applied models to local conditions. Therefore, this approach opens a new field of cooperation, and includes our regulations and practice into regional and global initiatives leading to the mitigation of consequences of climate changes by increasing energy efficiency and decreasing GHG emissions.
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article language: Serbian, English
document type: Review Paper
DOI: 10.5937/arhurb1132035D
published in SCIndeks: 21/02/2012
peer review method: double-blind