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Telfor Journal
2015, vol. 7, iss. 2, pp. 80-85
article language: English
document type: unclassified
Analysis of RF MEMS capacitive switches by using switch EM ANN models
aUniveristy of Niš, Faculty of Electronic Engineering
bTU München, - Lehrstuhl für Hochfrequenztechnik, München, Germany



Reserach and development of solutions for performance improvements of wireless communication systems in microvawe and millimeter frequency bands (MESTD - 32052)
Bilateral Serbian-German project 'Smart Modeling and Optimization of 3D Structured RF Components' supported by the DAAD foundation


Artificial neural networks (ANNs) have appeared to be an alternative to the conventional models of RF MEMS switches. In this paper, neural models of an RF MEMS capacitive switch are developed and used for the electrical design of the switch. Namely, an ANN model relating the switch resonant frequency and the bridge dimensions is used to analyze efficiently the switch behavior with changes of bridge dimensions. Furthermore, it is illustrated how the developed model can be used for the determination of bridge dimensions in order to achieve the desired switch resonant frequency. In addition, application of a switch inverse ANN model for the determination of bridge dimensions is analyzed as well.



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