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Telfor Journal
2017, vol. 9, br. 1, str. 26-31
jezik rada: engleski
vrsta rada: neklasifikovan
objavljeno: 02/11/2017
doi: 10.5937/telfor1701026P
Model for detection and classification of DDoS traffic based on artificial neural network
(naslov ne postoji na srpskom)
University of Zagreb, Department of information and communication traffic, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia



(ne postoji na srpskom)
Detection of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) traffic is of great importance for the availability protection of services and other information and communication resources. The research presented in this paper shows the application of artificial neural networks in the development of detection and classification model for three types of DDoS attacks and legitimate network traffic. Simulation results of developed model showed accuracy of 95.6% in classification of pre-defined classes of traffic.

Ključne reči

ANN; DDoS; network traffic; network security


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