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A service
of the
Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science
in cooperation with
National Library of Serbia,
financed by the
Ministry of Education and Science
of the Serbian Government.

A part of
integrated system of bibliographic scientific information
of Serbia.
crossref-enabled open-access

What SCIndeks contains?

2,078,642 references from 151,027 articles, 58,068 of which are available
as full text published in 411 different Serbian journals from 2000 on
in humanities from 1996 on,
and in social sciences from 1991 on.

What SCIndeks can do?

article full text search »
search results management »
special services for registered users and authors: mySCIndeks »

What SCIndeks doesn’t allow?

violating rights of authors and journal publishers »
downloading parts of the database »
use of information for commercial purposes »

What SCIndeks is linked with?

with the Repository of National Library of Serbia »
with CEES Journal Bibliometric Report »
with international journals subscribed in Serbia through KOBSoN »
with CEES’s DOPISNIca portal »