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Aims and Scope:

The mission of the Plant breeding and Seed Production journal is affirmation of research activities in the field of plant breeding and seed production in Serbia and elsewhere.The journal focuses predominantly on crop plants. Hence the target group of the journal are plant breeding industry and seed companies as well as researchers, teachers and students in this field.

The journal publishes manuscripts covering all areas of plant breeding (including plant genetics, plant genetic resources and conservation, plant physiology, plant pathology and plant development) and seed production (including seed quality and physiology, harvest, processing, sampling, storage, distribution and testing ) in the following categories: original scientific papers, review papers, brief communications, scientific polemics, professional papers, expert comments and book reviews.

The journal also publishes news, documents and technical reports significant for the field of plant breeding and seed production, as well as, reviews with no category.

Frascati, modified
agricultural sciences - agriculture, forestry, fisheries & allied sciences
Research topics:
Plant breeding and genetics; Plant physiology and pathology; Plant growth and development; Seed quality and physiology; Seed production, processing, sampling and storage; Plant genetic resources

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