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Aims and Scope:

The journal Special Education and Rehabilitation publishes papers in Serbian and English from all areas of special education and rehabilitation and related scientific disciplines dealing with developmental disorders.  

The journal publishes scientific and professional papers. The papers are classified in categories in accordance with the Act on Editing Scientific Journals.

Scientific papers: 1) original scientific paper (a paper which presents previously unpublished results of the author’s own scientific research); 2) review paper (a paper which contains original, detailed, and critical presentation of a research problem or field in which the author has made a certain contribution visible from auto citations); 3) short communication paper (an original scientific paper of full format, but smaller in scope or preliminary character); 4) scientific reviews and debates (a discussion on a certain scientific topic based solely on scientific argumentation).

Professional papers: 1) professional paper (a contribution which presents experiences useful for the improvement of professional practice, but which are not necessarily based on scientific method); 2) informative essay (editorial, commentary, etc.); 3) report (of a book, computer program, case, scientific event, etc.).

The journal publishes only original papers which have not been previously published, except in the form of an abstract, lecture, doctoral dissertation or master's thesis, and which are not being considered for publication elsewhere.

(a) medicine - health sciences
(b) social sciences - education and psychology
Frascati, modified
(a) social sciences - psychology
(b) social sciences - educational sciences
Research topics:
Special Education and Rehabilitation; Developmental disability; Emotional and behavioral problems; Child development; Speech and language disorders; Social participation

Types of papers

Types of references

Citation profile:
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