Pesticidi i fitomedicina - Portrait

Aims and Scope:

Pesticidi i fitomedicina (Pesticides and Phytomedicine) is dedicated to the following research fields: chemistry, technology and analytics of pesticides; toxicology and ecotoxicology of pesticides; phytopathology; applied entomology and zoology; weed science; plant and food products protection; use of pesticides in sanitation and public health.

The journal continues the title Pesticidi, which was published over the period 1986-2003.

All articles are published in English, with summaries in English and Serbian.

The journal is issued quarterly.

Frascati, modified
(a) engineering and technology - other engineering sciences
(b) agricultural sciences - agriculture, forestry, fisheries & allied sciences
Research topics:
Pesticides; Plant protection; Pests; Plant diseases; Weeds; Environment protection

Types of papers

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Citation profile:
Most cited journals (last 5 years)
Plant Disease95
Journal of Economic Entomology77
Pesticidi i fitomedicina75
Journal of Stored Products Research66
Crop Protection59
Acta Horticulturae44
Zaštita bilja43
Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry41
Journal of Plant Pathology34
Most cited authors (last 5 years)
Potočnik Ivana80
Rekanović Emil72
Todorović Biljana56
Milijašević-Marčić Svetlana50
Stepanović Miloš47
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