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Zbornik radova Geografskog instituta "Jovan Cvijić", SANU
2007, br. 57, str. 5-12
jezik rada: srpski

Geografski institut 'Jovan Cvijić' od osnivanja do danas
Srpska akademija nauke i umetnosti (SANU), Beograd, Geografski institut 'Jovan Cvijić'

e-adresa: gijcsanu@eunet.yu


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This paper gives a brief retrospect on work in Geographical Institute "Jovan Cvijić" SASA in past 60 years. In the first place, there's a need to point on activities and structure of the Institute, as well as on tasks and perspectives in its further development. Certainly, it's necessary to estimate Institutes research as well. Considering a fact that results accomplished by researchers and scientists are the main indicators of any scientific institution success, we could say that Geographical Institute with its constantly small amount of scientific cadres justifies its existence. Results of Institutes research could be observed from two points of view. First, there's a perceptible quality and quantity of published scientific papers, and second, Institute has created scientific cadres with all neccessary qualifications. Many of them had left Institute, taking corresponding positions at Universities and other institutes. Society problems in the past 15 years have effected science as well. This related to the Institute also, though scientists are trying to hold out a rough material situation and to keep up with their colleagues from Europe and further.

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Geografical Institute Jovan Cvijić SASA; past; present; future


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