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Zbornik radova, Elektrotehnički institut "Nikola Tesla"
2017, vol. 27, iss. 27, pp. 11-19
article language: Serbian
document type: Professional Paper
published on: 21/12/2017
doi: 10.5937/zeint27-15388
Creative Commons License 4.0
Review of the problems related to failure of metal resistor in power transformer neutral
University of Belgrade, Electrical Engineering Institute 'Nikola Tesla'



Energy efficiency Improvement of Hydro and Thermal power plants in EPS by development and implementation of power electronics based regulation and automation equipment (MESTD - 33020)


In case of a neutral-grounding resistor failure, the low impedance grounded network become ungrounded. This can lead to a very high level of transient overvoltages due to intermittent arcing faults. Also, in the dominant cable networks, there is a possibility of earth fault current extinction. In this way, places with weakened insulation, which may be the cause of multiple failures, are created in the network. Accordingly, the paper points out the necessity and affirmation of existing solutions for continuous monitoring of neutral grounding resistors, also proposing a universal technical solution.


medium voltage network; metal resistor; grounding; integrity monitoring; ground fault protection


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