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2017, iss. 42, pp. 13-23
Linear organization of a sentence in the short stories of Grigorije Božović
Institute for Serbian Culture, Leposavić
Material and spiritual culture of Kosovo and Metohija (MESTD - 178028)

Keywords: sentence; sentence structure; linear organization; Grigorije Božović
The corpus studied is divided into three parts, referring to the sentence structures with the post-unit, inter-unit and pre-unit elements. In addition to these elements, which together with the basic ones form sentence sequence thus representing a context - internal or external, in the structures with the post-unit elements, there are syntax items that predominately refer to the predicate core of the sentence. In the pre-unit elements structures, when they are in the initial position, there are items related to the subject, while in the inter-unit elements of sentences, there are constructions related to both constitutive sentence parts, although in the separate structure, examples in which the construction in the inter-unit elements sentence structure refers to the predicate are more numerous. The insight into the linear organization of the sentence would not be complete if its communication value were not included in the analysis. From all above mentioned, it is evident that a predicate, as a functional pivot and the highest point of the tone line of the statement, can be moved and freed from some added elements, depending on what and in which way we want to demonstrate it. Therefore, the way in which sentence parts are arranged, allows the formation of different sentence perspectives.


article language: Serbian
document type: unclassified
published in SCIndeks: 24/11/2017

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