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Pravo i privreda
2002, vol. 39, iss. 1-4, pp. 128-149
article language: Serbian
Scientific Paper
The Labor Act: A cancellation with past
Elektroprivreda Srbije, Beograd


The Labour Act is continuation in process of reforms in our labour legislative, in the meaning of cancellation with past. That is a Republic's statute with a new title. It has been enacted independently of federal The Labour Relationship Grounds Act, which means that the constitutional principle of compulsory accordance of republic's provisions with federal provisions. The Act 'asserts' to be harmonized with accepted international conventions, but it stayed disharmonized with the legal grounds of Serbia and Yugoslavia. The announcement and employer's duty of notification the Labour Bureau about its need for the new employees has been quitted. It has also been quitted the rules about disciplinary responsibility and two-phases proceeding in deciding on workers' rights, duties and responsibilities. The new rules have been introduced: labour contract of home service stuff prohibition of competition; illegal termination of labour relationship. Many provisions of the former Act have been amended. The act is 'rich' with unclear and controversial rules, which will cause many problems in its interpretation and enforcement. The impression is that the Labour Act has too early on the necessary 'reform path'. It made a step before our time nowadays, in which social and state ownership is predominant.


Labour; Labour Relationship; Harmonization; Labour Contract; Vacation; Disciplinary Responsibility; Statutory Amendments; Director; Unclear and Controversial Rules