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2012, vol. 63, iss. 1-2, pp. 103-106
Akutni vertiginozni sindrom kao indikacija za prijem na neurološko odeljenje
(The title is not available in English)
Keywords: vertigo; Cogan; BPPV; Vestibular neuronitis
Introduction: Vertigo and balance loss are the most common symptoms that bring patients to the neurologist. The causes of vertigo are numerous and differential diagnosis is wide. Many patients with acute vertigo are hospitalized at neurological wards, although neurological causes of vertigo are found in only a small number of patients. The aim: To analyze the clinical features and results of diagnostic tests and etiology leading to acute vertigo that resulted in admission to the Department of Neurology, Clinical Centre of Serbia. Materials and Methods: In 31 consecutive patients hospitalized at the Clinic of Neurology in period January 2011-January 2012, we analyzed demographic data, vascular risk factors, clinical presentation and results of ancillary tests. Clinical data were compared between patients and 30 healthy controls. Results: In 26 (80.9%) patients, the final diagnosis on discharge was peripheral vertigo (PV), in 4 (12.9%) central vertigo (CV), and in one case (3.2%) anxiety disorder with subjective experience of vertigo was detected. Of all patients diagnosed with PV, 76.9% had vestibular neuronitis, 9.7% benign paroxysmal vertigo, 7.7% other causes of PV and 3.8% Cogan’s syndrome. Of all patients with CV, three had a diagnosis of vertebrobasilar insufficiency, and one patient had demyelinating disease. Conclusion: In our group of patients admitted to the Clinic of Neurology with acute vertigo as an emergency, no neurological basis of the disorder was detected. A large majority of patients met indications for evaluation and treatment by an otorhinolaryngology specialist.
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article language: Serbian
document type: Professional Paper
published in SCIndeks: 22/03/2013

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