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Leskovački zbornik
2005, br. 45, str. 343-366
jezik rada: srpski
Administrativno-teritorijalne promene u opštini Bujanovac


(ne postoji na srpskom)
The town of Bujanovac and its surrounding passed through many administrative territorial changes in its history. Those changes had significant impact on residents of those communities. After Berlin agreement, signed in 1878. there were some administrative changes in Ottoman empire. Bujanovac (the municipality, more precisely speaking) and its surrounding became part of Presevo area of Pristinski District. Between 1905 and 1912 Bujanovac was part of the Presevo area and belonged to the second category of borough covering 28 villages. Alter Balkan Wars, Bujanovac with its surrounding belonged to Kumanovski District. Establishing Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians, in 1918, there were some territories for a short period in Serbia: districts municipalities and cantons, which was the same situation before the first World War: by the Law and regulative from 1912. The Kingdom of SCS was divided into 33 areas. Bujanovac became part of Vranjski District. New Law for naming and dividing The Kingdom of SCS on districts, in 1929, there was accepted new name for Yugoslavians regions-Kingdom of Yugoslavia. This country was divided into provinces (9), cantons and the municipalities. Presevski enton, including all its municipalities and the municipality Bujanovac as well, became pan of Vardarska province with the town of Skopje as the capital city After World War II by the Law of administrative-territorial dividing of National Republic of Serbia from 1947. Central Serbia included 117 canton. For the first time in history, on 24.4.1947. Bujanovacki canton was formed, with Bujanovac as the centre of National Board. The author overviews all administrative-territorial changes related on the municipality Bujanovac in Serbia, as the part of Social federative republic of Yugoslavia, after that all changes in this area that happened during existence of Social Republic Yugoslavia.


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