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Leskovački zbornik
2007, br. 47, str. 19-28
jezik rada: srpski
Očuvanje kulturne baštine - u svetlu naših i evropskih propisa


(ne postoji na srpskom)
Presented through our and European regulations. One particular scope-cultural inheritance has been jeopardized on global level. It is in phase of disappearing on various ways, not only those years but intensively during last two centuries, particularly during great World Wars. Thus, it has unique place in definition of cultural policy in any society, particularly the one which is in the phase of total transitional changes. Prior, this issue was not even mentioned as overall cultural issue, since there were no organized services for protection of cultural heritage. As part of our specifics belong dramatic events during last 15 years, including some earlier, although individual examples. It is assumed that, among all, there is managed adequate consensus of all political powers centers to establish one new strategy for preservation of cultural heritage in Republic of Serbia. Only after approving and accepting this regulative, it is possible to, in details, according to the scopes, arrange this activity with the most important national, political and state interest.