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Leskovački zbornik
2007, br. 47, str. 181-186
jezik rada: srpski
Svetozar Ivačković - problemi istraživanja


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Architect Svetozar Ivackovic studied in Vienna, as student of Professor Teofil Hanzen, but he managed to achieve individual expression and architecture less fulfilled with various historical styles. He though the construction, for living or sacral, had to express one min style from the past, adequately described in the moment of construction. Thus, he used the solutions with dominant main neo style, while he attempted to highlight its own principles. He projected most of village churches, with one cupola and small dimensions, and among them are very harmonious and attractive architectural results. Church of Preobrazenje in Pancevo (1873-77), is probably the hest example which clearly and without any doubt point out on its attempts to simplify monumentality and harmony of mass.