Journal of Mining and Metallurgy B: Metallurgy
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2000, vol. 36, iss. 1-2, pp. 77-92
Exergy analysis of processing SO2-containing gases in metallurgy into sulphuric acid and sulphur
aUniversity of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
bUniversity of Sofia, Bulgaria
cUniversity of Chem. Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia, Bulgaria
Keywords: exergy analysis; SO2-containing metallurgical gases; sulphuric acid production; sulphur production
An energy study has been conducted on the process of making sulphuric acid (in two ways: by one-stage and two-stage conversion) and the process of making sulphur from SO2-containing gases resulting from the pyrometallurgical production of copper. The exergy method of thermodynamic analysis has been used as a method of investigation. The general and relative exergy characteristics of the processes have been determined. The results of the investigation show higher exergy efficiency of the processes of making sulphuric acid (in both ways) than that of the process of making sulphur from SO2-containing metallurgy gases.
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published in SCIndeks: 16/03/2009