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1999, br. 2, str. 41-52
jezik rada: srpski
vrsta rada: neklasifikovan
objavljeno: 22/09/2009
Prilog istraživanju nastanka i razvoja parka Kalemegdan


(ne postoji na srpskom)
A review of historical development of the Kalemegdan Park during previous 130 years is presented here. Regulation of that space began in 1867, after the Turks had to surrender the Belgrade fortress to Serbian government. The first decorative planting took place in 1869. Until 1870s Belgrade was clearly divided to the town enclosed by ditch and the citadel - fortress. Destitute and barren space enclosing the Belgrade fortress like a wreath, which was 300-500 m wide and separated the town and fortress, was called by the Turks KALE - MEGDAN i.e., the town field. Several phases could be noted in development of the park, and it now represents a very important area in terms of history, urbanism, ecology and education. Projected conception of further regulation of the park relates to its revitalization and enlargement within DU, boundaries, and its extension down to the riverbanks.