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Machine Design
2011, vol. 3, br. 2, str. 109-114
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Perfection of quality parameters of plastic gears by using asymmetric tooth profile
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aV.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Gomel, Belarus
bJoint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus

e-adresa: star_mpri@mail.ru


(ne postoji na srpskom)
The analysis of data on different systems of designing gears with asymmetric tooth profiles is presented including the concept of Generalized Theory by E.B. Vulgakov (or Direct Gear Design by A.L. Kapelevich) and the system of Generalized Basic Rack Tooth Profile by O.L. Alipiev. The results of comparative investigation of plastic gears with symmetric and asymmetric tooth profiles are described. The computation of gear strength for symmetric tooth profiles is made by the computer software GearPair developed by the present authors and for asymmetric ones by the software Direct Gear Design. It is stated that the usage of asymmetric teeth promotes a significant increase of the carrying capacity due to a high pressure angle and contact ratio, and also because of the improved correlation between tooth thickness of pinion and gear wheel. Simultaneously, this helps to avoid tooth sharpening and to improve basic geometrical parameters of the gear pair on the whole.

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symmetric tooth profile; asymmetric tooth profile; generalized parameters; plastic gears; strength


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