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2013, iss. 2, pp. 167-194
Comparative results of copper flotation from smelter slag and granulated smelter slag
aMining and Metallurgy Institute, Bor
bMegatrend University, Faculty of Management, Zaječar
cPrivredna komora Srbije, Beograd
Development of Technologies for the Flotation Processing of Copper and Precious Metal Ores with the Aim to Increase the Technological Results (MESTD - 33023)

Keywords: smelter slag; granulation; grinding; flotation; Cu recovery
Smelter slag is obtained in the process of metallurgical converting of copper concentrate in the Smelter Plant in Bor, Serbia. Today, the reserves of this material are evaluated at about more of a year, with the average copper content of 0.6-0.9%. Production of copper concentrate by flotation of smelter slag has started in 2001. Flotation concentrate goes to the Copper Smelter once more for production of copper cathodes and the rough flotation tailings go to the flotation tailing dump. Copper recoveries in the flotation process of smelter slag reaches the value of about 45- 50%. Slag in RTB plants is processed in a facility that is not designed for slag processing but it is only adapted to these conditions. The obtained results are worser than the expected ones and testing that could improve them will continue. This paper shows the way of obtaining the flotation concentrate of smelter slag with realization better total copper recovery. One of the possibilities is the slag granulation process that provides a range of courses to investigate the impact on process of comminution and concentration of copper. For this purpose, on a specially constructed laboratory granulator, large amounts of granulated smelter slag are obtained, necessary for further testing the process of flotation concentration. This paper presents the achieved comparative results from the flotation concentration process of smelter slag and granulated smelter slag of reverberatory furnace.
*** (2006) Main mining design on slag excavation from the technogenic deposit Slag Depot 1: Verification of technological process of obtaining the concentrate and elevation the flotation tailing dump RTH in Bor up to +378 for annual production. Bor: Mining and Metallurgy Institute, in English
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article language: English, Serbian
document type: unclassified
DOI: 10.5937/mmeb1302167M
published in SCIndeks: 25/11/2013