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Mining and Metallurgy Engineering Bor
2013, iss. 4, pp. 121-140
article language: English, Serbian
document type: unclassified
published on: 14/03/2014
doi: 10.5937/mmeb1304121M
High energetic efficiency of HF inductive welding
bUniveristy of Niš, Faculty of Electronic Engineering



This paper deals with a new impeder for HF inductive welding of steel tubes. Experimental researches were carried out on generators with impeders made of ferrite. The authors of paper introduce magneto dielectric FA-USA instead of ferrite, thus projecting a new impeder. Based on many years of experimental research with the new impeders, the solid energetic savings were achieved in welding compared with various ferrite and other impeders. Savings and welding with lesser power in the case of new impeders make it possible to increase the production rate of line for welded tubes.



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