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2013, vol. 3, iss. 6, pp. 103-112
Possibility for improving the cooperation between Serbia and the Republic of Srpska
Institute of International Politics and Economics, Belgrade
Serbia in contemporary international relations: Strategic development orientations and consolidation of Serbia’s position in international integration processes – foreign policy, international economic, legal and security aspects (MESTD - 179029)

Keywords: Serbia; Republic of Srpska; improved cooperation; the Balkans; Drina
Serbia, as the legal successor of the SRY, which was one of the signatories of the Dayton Peace Agreement, and pursuant to the Constitution (Article 13), is obliged to work on the improvement of relations among Serbs, it must guarantee the rights of the Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while it is also encouraged to improve the relations between the Republic of Srpska and Republic of Serbia. Serbs on the both sides of the Drina River also have a vital need for better cooperation, in order to be able to jointly and favourably influence the realization of interests of the Serbian people. Parallel relations may be developed and complemented by cultural and educational cooperation, through the encouragement of further economic cooperation and joint appearance on third markets. On the bilateral and multilateral level, Serbia should always bear in mind the interest of political autonomy of the Serbian people in BH, taking into account the historical fact of instability of political arrangement and variability of borders. On the other hand, these facts do not hinder the commitment of Serbia nor of the Republic of Srpska to the compliance with international agreements and international law in general. Thus, better starting points for the preservation and future strengthening of the Serbian people on both sides of the Drina River are established.
*** Stabilisation and Association Agreement Between the European Communities and their Member States of the One Part, and the Republic of Serbia, of the Other Part. CE/SE/en 21
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article language: Serbian
document type: Preliminary Report
DOI: 10.7251/POL1306103J
published in SCIndeks: 21/03/2017

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