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Fizička kultura
2019, vol. 73, iss. 1, pp. 40-60
article language: Serbian, English
document type: Review Paper

Creative Commons License 4.0
Sports psychology in Serbia: A critical review of the past, current condition and future challenges
Univerzitet Donja Gorica, Fakultet za sportski menadžment, Podgorica, Crna Gora



An overview of key moments in the development of world's and domestic sports psychology has been presented herein, with an emphasis on the specificities and similarities accompanying this development. By defining sports psychology through the presentation of national development as well as through the subject matters of sport psychologists' study and activities, the richness of contents and topics it deals with has been pointed out. The development of national sports psychology and exercise has been monitored through its presence and growth within professional and academic institutions in the field of sports and physical education and through important events, publications and names of the individuals who have marked its beginnings, contributed significantly to its development, affirmation and recognition, and paved the path for a new generation of experts who will design its notable presence and plan its future development in the Serbian sports and academic community. The paper also includes a critical review of the current state of applied and academic sports psychology, accompanied by the recommendations of the necessary activities that will provide a way to its faster and even more successful development in the future.


sports psychology; development; perspectives; future challenges; Serbia


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