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Fizička kultura
2019, vol. 73, iss. 1, pp. 72-88
article language: Serbian, English
document type: Review Paper
published on: 23/07/2019
doi: 10.5937/fizkul1901072D
Creative Commons License 4.0
Anti-doping agency: Knowledge, human resources, innovations in the struggle for pure national sports
University Singidunum, Faculty of Physical Culture and Sport Management, Belgrade + Antidoping agencija Republike Srbije



Anti-Doping Agency of the Republic of Serbia (ADAS) was founded by the Law on Prevention of Doping in Sports in 2005, and started operating on January 1, 2006. The fight against doping in Serbia is fundamentally associated with the adoption of the Law on Prevention of Doping in Sports in 2005 and 2014. Presently, ADAS has 71 doping control officers, including 8 animal doping control officers. The ADAS doping control officers have been trained for carrying out doping controls in national, but also in great international competitions. Since its foundation until present, 7821 doping controls have been carried out, 67 positive doping cases have been detected in 29 sports in the country, while 12 positive doping cases have been detected by the international associations. In addition, 4 other violations of anti-doping rules have been also recorded. Since its foundation until the end of 2017, 226 TUEs were approved, but it is even more important that the awareness of sports professionals, especially team doctors, has been gradually developed through the training courses organized by ADAS once a week on average. Over just one decade, AntiDoping Agency of the Republic of Serbia has become one of the most respected sports institutions, and through its knowledge and work performance it has become a partner not only of the national sports organizations, but also of a large number of sports organizations all over the world.


anti-doping; national agency; innovations; Serbia


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