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Arhitektura i urbanizam
2002, br. 9, str. 47-53
jezik rada: srpski
vrsta rada: stručni članak

Zgrade od prefabrikovanih betonskih elemenata posle 40-50 godina korišćenja
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After the Second World War in demolished Europe, existed an acute need for the accommodation of people without a shelter, what affected the builders to accelerate construction of serial temporary residential buildings. Later, are developed various systems of prefabricated multistory buildings of reinforced concrete. Such a new system of construction has given these advantages: shorter time of construction, lower expenditure, higher quality of buildings, more flexibility. However, after some time, the first expectation of the above possibilities started diminishing, especially when are revealed problems in their use and maintenance. The experience achieved in the Nord areas of Europe can be, in a greater extent, applicated in the South, especially where are strong rains, wind and high temperatures. Here are interpreted experiences from Finland.

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