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2014, vol. 30, iss. 69, pp. 1342-1347
Application of soft laser in the treatment of Herpes labialis: Pilot study
aUniveristy of Niš, Faculty of Medicine, Clinic of Stomatology
bUniveristy of Niš, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education
Keywords: soft laser; therapy; Herpes labialis
Introduction: Soft laser could be used for the treatment of different painful diseases and conditions in the oral cavity. One of them is Herpes labialis. The aim of the paper was to study the efficiency of soft laser in the treatment of Herpes labialis. Material and method: The study included 43 patients. Laser therapy was applied in 23 patients, whereas 20 patients were treated by Ung. Acycklovir. Results: The level of statistical significance of differences in mean values of pain between the groups was maximum (p <0.001). Patients with herpetic lesions benefit from laser therapy in terms of shortening the progression of the disease, pain, tingling and burning. The patients treated with laser had significantly lower mean value of the pain compared to those treated with Ung. Acyklovir (p <0.05). Conclusion: Based on the obtained results, it can be concluded that the soft laser proved to be an effective therapy in the treatment of Herpes labialis, and, therefore, is recommended in its treatment.
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article language: Serbian, English
document type: Case Report
DOI: 10.5937/asn1469342B
published in SCIndeks: 30/07/2015

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