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Scientific Technical Review
2018, vol. 68, iss. 1, pp. 59-72
article language: English
document type: Review Paper
published on: 21/03/2019
doi: 10.5937/str1801059S
Creative Commons License 4.0
Nanotechnology for military applications: A survey of recent research in Military technical institute
Military Technical Institute - MTI, Belgrade



Application of nanomaterials in the improvement of respiratory and percutaneous protective equipment in ecological disbalance conditions caused by radioactive chemical and biological contamination (MESTD - 34034)


Armies of powerful armed forces are already applying achievements of nanoscience and supporting researches in the field of nanotechnology. This paper surveys the recent research in the area of nanomaterials application in defence technologies, conducted in the Military Technical Institute in Belgrade, Serbia. This research covers the most important results obtained so far in the following areas: chemical biological, radiological and nuclear protection (CBRN protection), nanomodified polymer coatings and camouflage paints, composite structures for military aircraft, ballistic protection composites, and energetic materials. Researches gave promising results in all the named fields and encourage nanomaterials application in future.


nanotechnology; nanomatrials; nanoparticles; nanofibres; polymer coatings; military application; CBRN protection; ballistic protection; camouflage; energetic materials


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