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Scripta Medica
2011, vol. 42, iss. 2, pp. 80-83
article language: Serbian
document type: Original Scientific Paper
published on: 10/10/2019
doi: 10.5937/ScriMed1102080V
Metabolic syndrome affects stroke
aUniversity of Banja Luka, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pathophysiology, Republic of Srpska, B&H
bUniversity Clinical Centre of the Republic of Srpska, Clinic of Neurology, Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, B&H
cUniversity Clinical Centre of the Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, B&H



M. V. je dobitnik finansijske pomoći Ministarstva za nauku i tehnologiju Vlade RS za izradu ovog istraživanja.


Introduction. Metabolic syndrome is a set of metabolic and hemodynamic disorders that appear associated with certain persons and multiply the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus type 2. The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence of metabolic syndrome in patients with ischemic stroke, to analyze the representation of individual components of metabolic syndrome, and to determine the risk of ischemic stroke in relation to the number of individual metabolic syndrome components. Methods. The study was conducted at the Institute "Dr Miroslav Zotović". The experimental group included 53 examinees who had ischemic stroke and control group included 40 examinees with degenerative lumbo-sacral spine diseases.Data on waist circumferences, blood pressure, blood glucose, triglycerides and HDL holesterol levels were recorded for all examinees. Diagnosis of metabolic syndrome was set based on new criteria, which were agreed by a number of international organizations in 2009. year. Results. The prevalence of metabolic syndrome in examinees with ischemic stroke amounted 89% and 70% of the control group (p<0.05). The most common single component of the metabolic syndrome in the group with stroke was hypertension (100%) and least common one was impaired glycoregulation (51%). Out of all examinees who had three individual components of metabolic syndrome 33% had ischemic stroke, while the percentage of those who had all five individual components was 77% (p<0.05). Conclusion. There is significantly higher prevalence of metabolic syndrome in examinees with ischemic stroke than in the control group. The most common single component of the metabolic syndrome in the experimental group was hypertension. The presence of a large number of individual components of metabolic syndrome increases the risk for developing ischemic stroke.



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