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Acta medica Medianae
2005, vol. 44, iss. 4, pp. 13-15
article language: Serbian
document type: Original Scientific Paper
published on: 02/06/2007
Territorial investigation of Donja Trnava village as endemic area 22 years after
aClinical Centre Niš, Clinic of Nephrology
bSerbian Academy of Sciences and Arts - SASA, Belgrade


Endemic nephropathy is a renal disease of unknown etiology, which occurs endemically and affects individuals from risk families, with latent but progressive natural course and fatal outcome. In earlier territorial investigations, endemic areas were found along the Južna Morava River: Brestovac, Kutleš, Trupale, Gornja i Donja Toponica, Lužane, Nozrina, Moravac and other settlements. The last extensive studies of endemic nephropathy in these villages were conducted in 1981. These investigations showed that 2.7% of inhabitants along the right side of Južna Morava River, in Donja Trnava village, suffered from endemic nephropathy. In the present study, a total of 291 persons (153 female and 138 male), aged 7 to 77, were investigated. Diagnosis of endemic nephropathy was made according to the natural history, physical examination and urine analysis. Two persons or 0.68 % (one with chronic renal failure, and the other with an end-stage renal disease, on haemodialysis treatments) had endemic nephropathy. Eight persons (or 2.75%) suffered from other renal diseases. There were no urothelial tumors, which was confirmed in previous studies. Based on these investigations, a total of 39 persons from 29 risk families was selected for further examinations and following-up at the Institute of Nephrology and Haemodialysis in Niš.



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