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Nasleđe, Kragujevac
2010, vol. 7, iss. 16, pp. 221-226
article language: Serbian
document type: Preliminary Report
published on: 02/03/2011
Entering the poem 'Inge Bartsch'
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology



The paper traces the history and reception of a poem by perceiving relations between the elements of poem's interpretation, and by describing the circumstances of poem's origin and longevity of a poetic text. When reading a poem, by pointing out the particularities of the moments that are secondary in character, connotations that comprise additional material for the interpretation of its verses and understanding poetized discourse are being specified as well. The paper elucidates the poem 'Inge Bartsch' by Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński by analyzing the history of its origin, tracing the alterations it underwent, taking a critical stance toward the author, offering interpretations that disclose merits of this poetic work. Two aspects are dominant: the basic one - a simplified view upon the origin of the poetic text, with particular attention paid to the circumstances that had significant influence on the meaning and narrative system which, within the contexts of this art form, makes up the poetic framework, and the complex one - the perception of meanings and expression of inner experiences bearing the elements of a dramatic representation. Modernity of the poetic text is analyzed in depth, as well as the historical context and particularity of this poem that is manifested through the interpretations delivered by actors and performing artists.


Galčinjski; Inge Barč; istorija; prevrat; poezija; angažovano; ljubavna lirika; pozorište; novinarski izveštaj


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