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1997, br. 1, str. 151-156
jezik rada: srpski
vrsta rada: neklasifikovan
objavljeno: 19/08/2009
Restitucija 'Sale mira'


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The Hall of Peace, a cultural monument which had undergone many alterations from the time of its construction, kept its basic function and spatial disposition until the moment it was torn down. In order to provide adequate conditions to fit the Hall of Peace into the Beobanka building, taking into account the requirements of monument conservation, architectonic calculations followed by necessary probes were made. It was thus established that the building has a square ground plan. The inner side of the wall was 12 meters long. The interior space once reached a height of 7.80 meters and the walls were 45 centimeters wide. Each side facade had three window openings of trapezoid shape. The rear facade is preserved only in its foundations. The frontispiece has undergone many alterations so that only its kernel is still original. The roof is pitched with a combination of single and double frame timber construction, for the most part still original. Floors were not investigated and it is still possible that the present concrete surface covers the remains of the original floor. All walls were covered with lime plaster. Traces of the original colors of the facade, reddish ochre, and the interior, creamy yellow, have been preserved. Investigation of this building is still not finished. It will continue with the start of construction of the Beobanka building.