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2005, vol. 39, iss. 4, pp. 443-460
Autostereotypes and heterostereotypes of the students at the University of Novi Sad
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy, Serbia
Keywords: students; student groups; autostereotypes; heterostereotypes
The main objectives of this paper were to determine what physical and psychological traits are evaluated as characteristic auto and heterostereotypes for the defined social groups - law students, psychology students, art academy students and the students of physical education, as well as to determine whether the differences in auto- and heterostereotypes exist for these groups of students. We also tried to evaluate if the close relations with these students can influence the perception of this groups. The subjects were the students of the mentioned Faculties (136 of them). The questionnaire constructed for this research consisted out of the two parts. The first part consisted of the18 five points scale that was used to evaluate the psychological traits characteristic for the students mentioned. The evaluation regarded both male and female students. The second part of the questionnaire related to the physical traits and it consisted of the several descriptions out of which the subjects had to pick one. The physical characteristics were related to the hair, face, built, clothing etc. The evaluations regarded the male students only. The results show that we can determine specific auto- and heterostereotypes for all of the groups mentioned, and that there were significant differences between auto- and heterostereotypes. The results also show that the subjects that had personal relations of any kind with the students of these Faculties do evaluate them more positively.
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article language: Serbian
document type: Original Scientific Paper
DOI: 10.5937/socpreg0504443M
published in SCIndeks: 02/06/2007

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