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Godišnjak Fakulteta sporta i fizičkog vaspitanja
2015, iss. 21, pp. 195-202
article language: Serbian
document type: Scientific Paper
published on: 05/03/2016
doi: 10.5937/gfsfv1521195R
Influence of accuracy as motor ability on success with the youth football players
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education


Besides technical skills, the success in football depends also on motor, morphological and psychological features. Therefore, test batteries for assessment of football players quality are complex since they have to provide valid information on the said features. Accuracy of passing and shooting is a technical element most used during trainings and matches so it should be analyzed from the aspect of its influence on individual quality of football players. Accuracy of shots together with accuracy of passing are key tactical elements that valuate tactical actions aimed at fast organization of attacks and scoring. The aim of this research was to evaluate the influence of the level of accuracy with regard to the quality of play with youth football players. The research included 60 male junior football players, aged 17 (+/- 6 months) who have been included in football training process for not less than three years. For the purpose of this research a battery of tests was designed to obtain information on technical abilities of youth football players. Multivariante procedures (MANOVA) and discriminate analysis were used in this paper. The univariate procedures applied were ANOVA, T-test and Roy's greatest root. Based on the obtained results it can be concluded that the evaluation of the level of technical elements of ball passing cannot be used to analyze the quality of performances of young players. Once again, the research confirmed that specific equations of sports success differ for athletes of junior categories and senior athletes. The obtained results can be used as signposts for basic training objectives for youth football players. Accuracy of ball passing is and important technical element with has great influence on realization of tactical tasks in the course of a match and thus its refining has to be one of the basic aims of training for youth football players.


football; testing accuracy; young football players


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