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2014, vol. 69, iss. 6, pp. 1013-1020
article language: Serbian
document type: Professional Paper
published on: 11/06/2015
doi: 10.5937/tehnika1406013S
Power system stabilizers based on distributed energy resources for damping of inter-area oscillations
aUniversity of Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
bUniversity of Belgrade, Electrical Engineering Institute 'Nikola Tesla'


This paper deals with inter-area power oscillations damping enhancement by distributed energy resources contained in typical micro grid. Main idea behind this work is to use distributed generation and distributed storage, such as battery energy storage to mimic conventional power system stabilizer, but with regulating active power output, rather than reactive power, as in standard power system stabilizer realization. The analysis of the small signal stability is established for four-machine, two-area system, with inverter based micro grids in each area. Dynamic simulation results are included in this work and they show that proposed controller provides additional damping effect to this test system.


inter-area oscillations; distributed energy resources; micro grid; power system stabilizer


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