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Acta agriculturae Serbica
2016, vol. 21, iss. 41, pp. 65-83
article language: English
document type: Original Paper
published on: 26/12/2016
doi: 10.5937/AASer1641065B
Creative Commons License 4.0
Significant resources of sustainable agriculture and organic food production system in Serbia
aUniversity of Business Academy in Novi Sad, Faculty of economics and engineering management
bJohn Naisbitt University, Faculty for Biofarming, Bačka Topola
cUniversity of Novi Sad, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Environmental Protection


Study of the genetic basis of improving yield and quality of small grains in different environmental conditions (MESTD - 31092)


This paper presents the conditions and possibilities significant resources of sustainable agriculture and the organic food production system in Serbia. The concept of organic agriculture was considered in the function of the organic food production. The principal characteristics of adjustment of cropping practices and procedures of establishing and realisation of the organic food production are pointed out. Furthermore, biological control in the realisation of the organic agricultural production is indicated. Fundamental procedures of biological control in organic agriculture are related to providing quality of soil, water resources and feed. Moreover, the alternative forms of crop protection products are indicated. Specificities of alternative programmes are studied with the aim to produce organic food. The necessity to adjust the education of producers and experts to perform the organic food production is also indicated.



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