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Singidunum revija
2011, vol. 8, iss. 2, pp. 103-110
article language: Serbian
document type: Review Paper
published on: 30/03/2012
Analysis of airline ticket distribution by travel agencies in the Serbian and Montenegrin market
aHipnos d.o.o., Beograd
bUniversity Singidunum, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Belgrade



Travel agencies have always played an important role in airline ticket distribution worldwide. The relationship between airlines and travel agencies has essentially changed due to globalization process, Internet development and electronic ticketing. The majority of airlines introduced zero commission towards travel agencies, which is one of the reasons for a decreasing number of travel agencies in some markets. Serbian and Montenegrin market follows worldwide changes, with certain specific features. Sales records of this market show that travel agencies still play an important role in airline ticket distribution. Citizens of Serbia and Montenegro have more travel opportunities, which are enhanced by the increasing number of low cost airlines on the market, airline tickets price decrease, and the inclusion of the two countries on the White Schengen list. Consequently, all this has led to a rise in the distribution of airline tickets through travel agencies.


travel agencies; airlines; airline tickets


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