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Balkan Journal of Stomatology
2005, vol. 9, br. 2, str. 77-82
jezik rada: engleski
vrsta rada: pregledni članak
Evaluating the effectiveness of dental restorative materials for clinical service
(naslov ne postoji na srpskom)
School of Chemical and Life Sciences, University of Greenwich, Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom



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This paper reviews the way in which modern dental restorative materials are evaluated for use in clinical dentistry and how the evidence for their efficacy is collected. Laboratory tests are reviewed and the variety of types of clinical evidence is considered. Clinical evidence ranges in scientific rigour from the published experiences of "opinion formers" within the profession to full clinical trials, involving post hoc statistical analysis. At first sight, the latter appear more satisfactory because of the high reliability of the data, but they have the disadvantage that they are time-consuming to carry out. If trials run for several years, there is the strong likelihood that the material may no longer be on the market at completion. This is because of pressure on manufacturers to maintain their commercial position through continual innovation. This review concludes that there is a considerable body of evidence to show that modern materials are reliable in clinical service. However, it points out that this reliability may be threatened by market forces that are pressuring manufacturers into replacing established and satisfactory materials with materials which may be eventually prove to be less satisfactory.

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dental materials; resin composites; compomers; glass-ionomers; testing; clinical trials


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