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Godišnjak Fakulteta sporta i fizičkog vaspitanja
2016-2017, iss. 22, pp. 6-18
article language: Serbian
document type: Scientific Paper

Research on the impact of exercise on body composition of elderly
Fakultet sporta i fizičkog vaspitanja, Univerzitet u Nišu


Body composition is a component of health, which is closely linked with the values of muscle, fat, water, bone, and other vital parts of the human body The subject of research are studies published in the period from 1998 to 2016, focused on the impact of the program of exercise on body composition in older people, aged 58-70 years This review aimed to identify and summarize the body composition of the elderly, as well as to clarify whether there is an impact exercise program on body composition in the elderly The results of this study confirm the conclusions of many previous studies that exercise is an important factor in the reduction of body composition of the elderly Made a systematic review shows that compared with passive control group achieved significant results in improving body composition of elderly people It is recommended that aerobic training, high-intensity training, endurance training, resistance training, strength training, or a combination of these types of training are a sure way to reduce the body composition of the elderly, however, individual differences can certainly be attributed to the characteristics of the sample, and in addition obtained results may vary depending on the duration and type of activity.



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