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2012, vol. 62, iss. 3, pp. 208-218
Analysis, adaptation and validation of the instrument for the competence evaluation of the pharmacists in community pharmacies
aZU Apoteka Subotica, Subotica
bUniversity of Belgrade, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Social Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Legislation
Keywords: Competence; GLF-General Level Framework; Community Pharmacy Subotica
The competency of a pharmacist is one of the fundamental preconditions for high quality pharmaceutical care provision. The General Lever Framework (GLF), which was developed by a group of British experts (Competency Development and Evaluation Group - CoDEG), represents a tool that allows definition, measurement and professional competences development of the pharmacist during pharmaceutical care provision. Community Pharmacy Subotica organized an expert panel in order to analyze, adapt and validate the GLF document, which would be relevant to pharmacy practice in Serbia. The aim of the paper is to present the adaptation process of the GLF document that could be used in community pharmacies in Serbia. Validation of the document was performed using the expert panel methodology. The document was analyzed in terms of relevance, comprehension, compliance with national regulation, and applicability in practice, through anonymous evaluation and discussion of the expert panel participants. Titles and descriptions of each competence (26 in total) were validated. The document for the competence assessment was adapted in accordance with the pharmacy practice and regulations in Serbia. All the competencies of the original document were accepted, with minor modifications in order to accommodate pharmaceutical practices and regulations in Serbia. GLF document, have shown satisfactory properties to be used in the pharmacy practice in Serbia, based on the adaptation carried out by the expert panel.
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article language: Serbian
document type: Original Paper
published in SCIndeks: 22/03/2013