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2018, vol. 75, br. 4, str. 404-409
Proteinsko-energetski gubitak kod bolesnika na hroničnoj hemodijalizi - etiologija i dijagnostički kriterijumi
aVojnomedicinska akademija, Institut za higijenu, Beograd + Univerzitet odbrane, Medicinski fakultet Vojnomedicinske akademije, Beograd
bUniverzitet u Beogradu, Institut za medicinska istraživanja
cVojnomedicinska akademija, Klinika za nefrologiju, Beograd
dUniverzitet odbrane, Medicinski fakultet Vojnomedicinske akademije, Beograd + Vojnomedicinska akademija, Institut za medicinu rada, Beograd
eUniverzitet odbrane, Medicinski fakultet Vojnomedicinske akademije, Beograd + Vojnomedicinska akademija, Klinika za nefrologiju, Beograd
Project by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, No MFVMA/8/15-17.

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The available evidence suggests that nutritional status in the HD patients is an extremely important predictive and causative factor for the good clinical outcome. Nutritional deficits and PEW are frequent problems in the dialysis population and implies an increased risk of negative health outcomes such as mortality risk and quality of life deterioration. There is no single specific measurement that provides complete assessment of the nutritional status in the HD patients, and the results should be analysed in the clinical context of each individual patients. As malnutrition is potentially reversible with appropriate nutritional support, early identification of patients at high nutritional risk may facilitate effective treatment and improve prognosis in the HD patients.
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