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Political and legal significance of citizens and public opinion in environmental protection
aUniveristy of Niš, Faculty of Occupational Safety, Serbia
bCity of Niš, Department of General Affairs in City Assembly
Preventive, therapeutic, and ethical approach in preclinical and clinical studies of the genes and modulators of redox cell signaling in immune, inflammatory and proliferative cell response (MESTD - 41018)
Monitoring of electromagnetic (EM) radiation from mobile telecommunication systems in living environment, analysis of molecular mechanisms and biomarker defects in the case of chronic exposure, with development of risk estimation models and methods for p (MESTD - 43012)

The discourse on the importance of public opinion in Serbia still does not occupy a central place in scientific works, author analysis, even in daily political debates. But it is almost certain that the future looks bright for such a task, given the multiple intertwining of this phenomenon, law and politics. Although skepticism prevailed for a long time regarding the accuracy of the results of public opinion polls, in recent times, with the help of some natural disciplines (mathematics, statistics), as well as social psychology, public opinion has become subject to empirical tests with a very high percentage of forecasting. The participation of the citizens of the Republic of Serbia in their political life has enabled certain legal acts. This can be easily seen by analyzing our basic legal act - the Constitution, as well as laws and regulations. In terms of politics in the field of environmental protection, regulations of our country guarantee certain rights to the citizens regarding the information on the state of the environment.


article language: English
document type: Paper
published in SCIndeks: 04/08/2017

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