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Revision and write-off of library materials: Experience of the City Library in Novi Sad
Keywords: revision; City Library in Novi Sad (CLNS); Processing Department; Purchasing Department; fund turnover; group inventory; write-off
The paper presents the experience of the City Library in Novi Sad (CLNS) in the process of preparation for the revision and during the revision and write-off, as well as the problems and doubts encountered during these procedures. A basic overview of legal regulations and standards for revision and write-off in public libraries is also given. In the City Library in Novi Sad the revision and write-off of library materials are performed regularly and according to the legal regulations. The entire fund of CLNS, consisting of more than 550,000 publications, is located in the twenty-seven branches of this library. According to the law, in cases like this, revision should be performed at least once every ten years. Having in mind this, as well as the fact that publications inevitably outdate, CLNS strives to conduct a revision of the entire fund over a ten-year period. Since it is performed in addition to regular and additional activities from the wide scope of current affairs that a public library deals with, this work requires great effort of library professionals. The biggest problem arises by defining and recognizing write-off only within the revision procedure.
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article language: Serbian
document type: Professional Paper
DOI: 10.19090/cit.2020.36.96-102
published in SCIndeks: 13/09/2020
Creative Commons License 4.0

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