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Vojno delo
2009, vol. 61, iss. 1, pp. 155-174
article language: Serbian
document type: Paper
published on: 24/02/2010
The reform of military education in the Republic of Serbia: Possibilities, challenges, and paths of development
aMinistarstvo odbrane Republike Srbije, Beograd
bUprava za školstvo, Ministarstvo odbrane Republike Srbije, Beograd


In Serbia, the military education development started in 1850 when the Artillery School was established. Since then, the military education system passed through periods reflecting the development of the country, but very often also the turbulent historical changes occurring in these areas. Today, the military education system is faced with a new challenge: adjustment of the military education with the education system of the Republic of Serbia. Before embarking on these processes, it was necessary to recognize the existing state of the matter and establish the reform requirements. Only then, the possibilities and the grounds for complete and comprehensive reform of the military education began to be analyzed. The development paths of the military education in the Republic of Serbia comprise: the accreditation of the Military Academy and the Military Medical Academy; the development of study programs and advanced courses in line with the requirements of the Army of Serbia and the universally accepted standards; separation of education and training; joint study programs with the faculties of the Universities of the Republic of Serbia; and the reform of the Military High School. The goal for the next decade is to make the Military Academy a prestigious military educational institution of the region, adjusted to the education system of the Republic of Serbia, which will educate the personnel as required by the defense and security system of the Republic of Serbia, according to high quality study programs recognized within the European high education network and by military education institutions abroad.


reform; military education; training; study programs; courses; the Military High School; the Secondary Military Vocational School; the Military Academy; the Military Medical Academy; the Army of Serbia; the University of Belgrade; the Declaration of Bologna; acc


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