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Inovacije u nastavi - časopis za savremenu nastavu
2016, vol. 29, iss. 4, pp. 123-139
article language: Serbian
document type: Original Scientific Paper

University lecturers in transition towards sustainable development: A concept and numerous questions
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy



Ideas about responsibility of university education and teachers in the transition of society towards sustainability as an ideal incorporated into the future 'after 2015', represent a guideline in conceptualizing strategies for integrating sustainability into the university, with direct implication to teaching approach. The picture of aware and active citizens of future is projected at this stage - the requirements for reflexive and innovative teachers. At the same time, as research and praxis tell, these requirements inspire and puzzle. Teachers face numerous questions, which in many cases mean what and why and this is based on their own comprehension of sustainability and strong requirements for reformulating relations between these actors and elements in teaching. In the paper, we have presented actual trends and strategies of application of the concept of sustainability at University. Relevant literature is analyzed as well as the results of the research, including empirical analyses of authors, with the sample of lecturers of the University of Belgrade. Among the results of the research, taken with the aim to identify university lecturers' personal definitions of sustainable development, there is connectivity between the contents and principles of sustainable development in initial education of teachers and integration of these issues into the subjects they create nowadays. We can also spot the relation between scarce experience of teachers considering sustainable development and narrowness of determination of this concept. Results of this and other stated research clearly point at the need to create and maintain the programme of professional development of teachers at the University of Belgrade for application of the concept of sustainable development.



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