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Strategijski menadžment
2005, vol. 10, br. 1-2, str. 133-140
jezik rada: engleski
vrsta rada: članak
objavljeno: 02/06/2007
Fuzzy approach in a location-inventory model
(naslov ne postoji na srpskom)
aUniversity of Maribor - Faculty of Logistics, Slovenia
bRIUS, Slovenia


(ne postoji na srpskom)
In the supply chain, production and logistics facilities are positioned between the costumer and supply markets, so any changes in these markets should cause the enterprise to reevaluate the location and the capacity of its activities at that particular location in the logistics network, which also means reevaluating the parameters of input-output matrices for the entire supply chain. Different analytical approaches have been developed to describe the influence of production on the hierarchical spatial pattern. This paper presents the fuzzy set approach to the model of spatial hierarchy as a result of spatial interactions.

Ključne reči

logistics; location; fuzzy reasoning; neurofuzzy; model


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