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2018, vol. 64, iss. 1, pp. 95-104
article language: English
document type: Scientific Paper
published on: 12/04/2018
doi: 10.5937/ekonomika1801095D
Creative Commons License 4.0
The application of advanced technologies in the field of international finances: Bitcoin phenomenon
Univeristy of Niš, Faculty of Economy



Improving competitiveness of public and private sector by networking competences in the process of european integrations of Serbia (MESTD - 179066)


During the history there have been different examples of incorporating technology into economics. Some of them include SWIFT, e-banking, mobile payments, and many more. Technology had to be commercialized and put into service of facilitating economic processes. International finances underwent the process of development too. With the globalization process national economies became more interconnected and dependent from each other. Individuals demanded a faster and more convenient way to make international payments. Internet trade is on the rise, social media rule the contemporary world, and then appears the inception of so-called crypto currencies. The most famous is Bitcoin. Where lays its place in the economic science? It looks like that Bitcoin is going towards decentralization of the monetary system known by now. The goal of this paper is to raise the awareness of the changes happening in economy and in economic science.



*** NBS Narodna banka Srbije upozorava da bitkoin ne predstavlja zakonsko sredstvo plaćanja u Srbiji. (20.05.2017)
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