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2012, vol. 40, iss. 2, pp. 175-187
article language: English
document type: Original Scientific Paper
published on: 05/03/2013
Graduates beliefs about career management
aUniversity Singidunum, Faculty of Business Economics, Belgrade
bUniversity of Belgrade, Faculty of Security Studies



Advancing Serbia's Competitiveness in the Process of EU Accession (MESTD - 47028)
Security and protection of organization and functioning of the educational system in the Republic of Serbia (basic precepts, principles, protocols, procedures and means) (MESTD - 47017)


Career management is increasingly becoming an individuals' matter, despite the various activities organized by the different institutions to support career development and planning. An exploratory survey was conducted to determine what kind of beliefs graduates have about career management. Results indicate that graduates are aware of the importance of university knowledge for getting a job, the importance of knowledge and investment in education for positioning in the labor market, so they give priority to development opportunities that business brings opposed to the material rewards.



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