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Fizička kultura
2009, vol. 63, iss. 2, pp. 267-284
article language: Serbian, English
document type: Professional Paper
published on: 13/04/2010
The role of ski school in the socialization process for the preschool children
bUniversity of Belgrade, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education



The object of this paper is ski school and it's role in socialization process of preschool children. Socialization is the process of social learning through which an individual obtains the socially relevant behavioral patterns and is formed as a personality with all of the specific features. Socialization and development of personality being provided through social agents (factors) in the society that has the characteristics of a group. The following could be the socialization agents: family, school, peers, mass communication media and other institutions and persons with which and whom the individual has the contact with, for instance the coach, instructor and other. Ski school, in which the children actually meet with those values, requests and norms which exist and rule the society, might be one of the socialization factors. An important role in that process could be taken by: playing, peer group and the ski instructor. Playing is the most appropriate method for adopting the techniques and also for socialization, where there is an interaction between developing the certain functions and social relations. It contributes to development of some dispositions that could be transformed into abilities just by themselves balance, coordination, agility, quickness and other. Playing stimulates and develops emotions. Motives inspired by the emotions can be the prompters and directors of children's activities. A peer group can represent an important agent in the socialization process of an individual; it helps developing sociality, adopting the new social attitudes, regular mental and physical development, avoiding the eccentric behavior and encourages personal independence. Ski instructors, their personalities and their actions toward children could be of extreme relevance for the formation of personality as those people represent the role models for children, to look up to and identify with. Ski school with its own characteristics important for socialization (play as work method, group learning method, ski instructor as educator) is an important factor in socialization process of preschool children. School programs, durations of lessons and working with pre-school children should be adapted to specific requirements, needs and abilities, in accordance with their development.



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