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Acta Facultatis Medicae Naissensis
2001, vol. 18, iss. 1, pp. 5-11
article language: Serbian
document type: Review Paper
published on: 01/09/2009
Biodistribution and methods of nephrotropic radionuclides application
Clinical Centre Niš, Center of Nuclear Medicine


Biokinteies of the current nephrotropic radiopharmaeeuticals (99mTc-DTPA, 123I-OIH, 99mTc-MAG3,99mTc-EC, Tc-GH, 99mTc-DMSA) is reviewed in this paper. Particular survey is related to their affinity to plasma proteins, level and mechanisms of renal extraction and distribution, as well as urinary excretion rate. Basic principles of applied methods, as well as their informations are particularly discussed. It is concluded that radionuclide methods are suitable to provide quantitative informations on specific renal functions of each kidney separately.



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