Rajinac Marko, Krunic Momcilo, Povazan Ivan, Kovacevic Jelena
An eclipse plugin for preserving and reloading debug session, in domain of DSP application development
24th Telecommunications Forum (TELFOR) (conference) (2016)

Stanivuk Stefan, Krunic Momcilo, Kovacevic Jelena
An Eclipse Plugin for memory map visualization
Zooming Innovation in Consumer Electronics International Conference (ZINC) (conference) (2016)

Povazan Ivan, Krunic Momcilo, Krnjetin Marko, Popovic Miroslav
Debug proxy server for DSP platforms
IEEE 1st International Workshop on Consumer Electronics (CE WS) (conference) (2015)

Povazan Ivan, Krunic Momcilo, Popovic Miroslav
A Profiling Tool for Heterogeneous Multi-core Systems
4th Eastern European Regional Conference on the Engineering of Computer Based Systems (conference) (2015)