Levels of journal indexing - Packages

Searchability of titles and abstracts of papers: SCIndeks++++
Conversion of metadata to the format for uplownloading by other services: OAI PMH++++
Searchable and downloadable full-text: Repository of full texts +++
Assigning the DOI number and maintaining permanent access to full text: CrossRef++
Normalization of references and their assigning to the corpsus for citations counting: CrossRef, Medline, ChemPort and MathSciNet++
Evaluation, ranking, and categorization of journals: Journal Bibliometric Report++
Service for online management myAssistant+
* MyAssistant supports online submission, peer reviewing, and publishing of papers, awarding DOI (CrossRef), preventing plagiarism (iThenticate), reformatting references in accordance with a selected citation style (RefFormatter), assigning standard keywords (KWASS, AKwA), and verifying the accuracy and completeness of the references, as well as their compliance with in-text citations (CiteMatcher).